Project Run and Play- Week 1 Sew Along: Willy Wonka!

This is my first post on my new blog!  I had such fun blogging with my friends over on That’s What SHE Crafted, but life has taken us all down different paths and I felt it was a great time to branch back out on my own.  My old work is here now, too, so if you’re nosey and want to see….  Anyway, on with the new!  And what better way to start fresh than with an old favorite? Project Run & Play! This week’s theme is Willy Wonka.  So much fun!



I wanted to choose a treat, because if I were to have won a golden ticket to tour the facility, I legitimately wouldn’t care about anything else but the sweet stuff.  Forget the damned factory and Oompa Loompas…I want to stuff my face.  I decided on Fizzy Lifting Drinks because I want to fly. I always have wanted to fly.

Still working on it.



I started with the fabric. I chose this fantastic sequins for 3 reasons…it’s sparkly (duh), the little sequins look like fizz, and the color reminds me of bubbles.  Remember how in the scene and how they were surrounded by bubbles while burping to get themselves down from the ceiling?  BEST EVER.  Burp Charlie!  Shrek would be proud.


Next, I had to choose a pattern. I wanted to go CRAZY whimsical, but my daughter is SO not into that right now.  I didn’t want my pretty fabric to go to waste.   So I decided I wanted a simple shift dress that would just let the fabric do all the talking.  Since we’re exiting summer (I freaking hope), there needed to be some sort of sleeve.  I couldn’t find a pattern that was really what I wanted. I even bought a few shift dress patterns to try, but nothing really gave me what I was looking for. So I started with a sleeve that I love…and a bodice fit that I liked and went from there.  The finished product is a VERY modified and unrecognizable Allspice from Paisley Roots.  I love the very mod look this dress has and my girl loves that it’s comfy, but fancy, but casual.  She can wear it whenever she wants!



Let’s pause for a moment and watch my girl reenact Charlie’s bad decision…


The vest was made using a vintage (80’s or 90’s because apparently that’s vintage now) Kwik Sew pattern. It’s my girl’s favorite part- she says she wants to wear it every day.  Who doesn’t love a denim vest?

Vest Collage


It was a good decision to make this… BUT…What happened with Charlie’s bad decision? Oh Yeah!


DAMMIT, Charlie!

But everything turned out ok…HURRAY!!!


Yay for Bubbly, fun, happy, trendy clothes that make a 9 year old smile.  I’m super grateful for such a fun theme this week.



I can’t to see what everyone else sews along with the themes. And don’t forget to vote for your favorite official look from the contestants this week! Show your support!


Nom Nom, Y’all!



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