Fun Without Sun!

It’s getting to be winter-ish here in the desert and the kiddos have outgrown everything from last year.  I’ve had to make lots of warm-ish stuff that they can wear for 3 months before it gets all hot and uncomfortable again.  Since the holidays have started, my sewing time has slowed a bit. I’ve had this look planned for months and  was able to knock this out for my girl last week.  I’m still working on my boy’s coordinating look before the madness of Christmas sewing begins…which is stupidly soon.  YIKES.  Anyway, winter is usually full of earth tones and neutrals, but we don’t really do that here.  We’re all about color and fun.  So I decided to kind of just go for it and create clothes that just scream who I am as a seamstress and who my kids are as fashionable individuals.  Just because its not warm and sunny doesn’t mean we have to look drab.  You can look hella fun out of the sun, fool.


I have been DYING to make some overall shorts with this paint splatter canvas I purchased before Hancock went out of business forever…it was a sad day.  It’s actually more of a denim, but they called it canvas, so whatever.  I used this pattern by Puperita and changed it up a bit.  I obviously shortened them to shorts, used adjustable hardware, and used a button closure instead of a snap for the sides (the straps had to be lengthened for the hardware).  I also shortened the bib a bit, but added to the length all around because she’s got a looooong torso like her mother.   She’s at the top of the size range for this pattern, so I’m so bummed!  But I’m also glad I made them before she grew out of them forever.


The shirt was made using the Town Square Top and Dress pattern by New Horizons Patterns.  WE LOVE THIS PATTERN.  It’s super comfy, but absolutely cute!  I omitted all the colorblocking for a simpler look because it just didn’t need it with the fabric I used.  The fabric was upcycled from an old dress that my wonderful mother-in-law gave me.  The dress is an extra small…I am not that.  haha!  So it needed a new purpose in life.  I chopped it up and made it into a top.  Strangely I used almost every scrap…XS really is tiny apparently. It’s a pretty stretch lace over a neon stretchy something or other.  It was all part of the same dress, so yay! My girl is still well within the size range of this pattern, thank heavens.  It’s one of our faves!


The hat was made using McCalls 6213.  I sized up to accommodate my non-stretch fabric and mashed a couple of hats together to get the look I wanted.  It’s lined with fleece and covers the ears, so she’ll be toasty warm.  The pompoms are her favorite part.  She calls them “the snowballs” and pretends to throw them at people.  That, in turn, makes the dog jump up for them and giggling ensues.  Her brother now also wants a “Snowball Hat”.  My sewing mommy-do list is filling up, quickly.

Hat Coollage


The leg warmers were tapered rectangles…so…that’s all I have to say about that.


THE COAT!  I am so excited about how this turned out.  Its one of those pieces that you stop and look at and think “Hell yeah, bitch.  You killed it!”.  That’s largely in part because the pattern is so fabulous to start with.  The base for this coat is the Thyme Vest by Paisley Roots.  I made it for my son’s Thanksgiving look here.  This time I added sleeves using a pattern I already have and love.  I just mashed the vest with the arm scye of my coat pattern and BAM…good to go!  I’m pretty sure the Paisley Roots designer and best friend extraordinaire will be working on this as a pattern on it’s own soon, so stalk her. I lined it with fleece and added a drawstring to make it warm and functional.  She really loves it! It’ll keep her nice and toasty for those few months of chill we get.    Bonus: It’s totally unisex and can be passed down to my son.  SWEETNESS.





It doesn’t have to be summer to wear bright colors and overall shorts. Be bold, layer, layer, layer, and maybe giggle a bit.


Smile bright, y’all!



1 thought on “Fun Without Sun!”

  1. I would have DIED if my mother made this for me when I was her age. It’s completely ME. I seriously have pictures somewhere of me in a pair of overalls very very similar, because I love bold and bright and fun!!


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