Petit a Petit: Happiness is Handmade- Design it My”selfie” Doll.



CHRISTMAS!!!!  GAAAAAH!  Its the most freaking wonderful time of the year. Seriously.  I’m so excited!  This year I was determined to sew a bunch of gifts.  I did not do that.  but I did sew one!  Its for my niece- she’s the special chosen one, I guess.   I’m not even sure I would have sewn her a gift had it not been for this wonderful “12 Dolls of Christmas” tour kicking my butt into gear.  Petit a Petit released her Urban Jungle Dolls last year (you can buy them separate OR in the bundle) and this year expanded it to the human realm with her Urban Classic Doll Pattern and she also released some clothing to go with.  I’ve only ever made 3 dolls before and they were animals…and it was a LONG time ago, so I wasn’t sure how I was going to fare.  It was so much fun! When I was trying to figure out the doll’s style I, took it’s recipient into consideration.  I wanted to make something that my 4 year old sassy-pants little niecey poo would really enjoy and relate to.  She’s artistic and has such a big personality, and she needs a stuffed pal that would compliment her.  So I decided to make her a Design it My”selfie” doll.  I’m old and think I’m much more clever than I am.  😉



**That is not a giant 4 year old.  That is my nearly 10 year old daughter modeling.**

The Dolls come with many different hairstyle options and a few different face options.  However, this doll is so easy to customize and make your own.  I absolutely adore hand embroidery, but I’m absolute trash at it.  I plan on practicing and getting better, but I didn’t want my poor niece to end up with a doll that gives her nightmares.  That wouldn’t be a very happy Christmas.  The face I chose is just so…well… ridiculous. AND FABULOUS!  I used a machine embroidery file purchased just for this. Its so her.  And let’s face it…it’s so me.  It’s perfect for selfie taking…and all the youngins are all about takin’ the selfies with their fancy technology doo dads these days. Whatever…I totally take selfies, too.  #NOSHAME . She’s 4 and doesn’t have her own phone, but she thinks she’s a teenager, so this is right up her alley.


The hair option I went with was the basic yarn hair.  This was the part that took the longest because I wanted to use what I had on-hand, which was thin yarn. It required many more strands to place than if I had used the recommended chunky yarn.  But the color was super fun and it still totally worked out.


The clothes are fantastic!  If you purchase this pattern, I highly suggest getting the bundle with the clothing. There’s lot to mix and match and they’re very quick to sew up.  I decided to do a mostly white wardrobe and let my niece color her own with fabric markers. Not a BRAND new idea, but still one that makes me the best auntie EVER.  And to a 4 year old, it’s the best and newest idea out there.  Don’t tell her any different. Of course, I asked my sister if this was ok first, so she can’t blame me if her kid starts marking up all her clothes. You heard it here, folks,- I asked for permission!  My daughter was SUPER jealous that this wasn’t going to be her doll to design clothes for, but at least she got to model. Same thing, really…  Anyhow, I made 5 items and that’s not even the whole collection.  On top of what I made, there is a pattern for shoes, a sweater, another pants option, and the dress has different options as well.  I wish my wardrobe was that diverse.  Jealous of a Doll…


If you’re still trying to think of a fun gift for someone in your life, pick up a copy of the pattern.  It’s got options for boy dolls as well and I know a couple of little guys that would love one.  I MAY actually make one for my niece’s twin brother (also known as my nephew).  Best Auntie EVER- 2 fold.  Man, so much winning. You could be a winner, too.  AND!  Guess what!  You can get these patterns at 20% off with the code HAPPINESS good until Christmas!  This code will work for ALL Petit a Petit patterns so stock up! Also, head over to my Instagram for a chance to win the patterns I made here! 


Happy Christmas, Y’all!




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