Raspberry Creek Fabrics Swim Tour


First and foremost, I want to thank RCF for having me on this tour and 5 out of 4 Patterns for their generosity in sponsoring my patterns.  You guys are amazing!


Now, if you follow me at all, you now realize that I did the thing I swore a billion times never to do again…I made a bathing suit.  Don’t get me wrong, making your own suit is super rewarding! The last time I made one, however, was just a test of my patience and sanity. But when you’re contacted and ASKED to make one…you don’t say “No.”  You just don’t. I geared up to curse myself, BUT… this time was different, folks!


I didn’t know it was going to be different at first, but as my fabrics started to arrive, I realized that fabric is EVERYTHING when it comes to making swimwear (at least it is for me). RCF’s swim and lining is a much easier fabric to work with than the last I’d used.  It’s not super slippery or difficult to keep in place.  It’s got a nice weight to it and handles really well.  My very picky machine was also a fan of it. Instead of making it a snack, chewing it up and spitting it back out, it just stitched over like butter.   I was able to sew up my suit and actually really enjoy the process. Now I’m not saying that the last fabric I used was necessarily poor quality, but not the type I prefer.  I just want to put that out there.  I MUCH MUCH prefer this weight. MUCH MUCH MUCH.  MUUUUUUUUUCH.  I think my point is coming across….


The print I used was the Tropical Bird Matte Swim fabric. Its such a perfect summer print.  I couldn’t be further away from a tropical environment, but these birds bring me to a paradise and slap a mai tai in my thirsty little hand.  Haha!  With a little umbrella in it, obviously.  OR!  Maybe its a strawberry margarita- blended of course.  Mmmmm.  I think I’m of topic. It’s got all of the colors that I love and depending on your personal style, you can really use any coordinate solid or print with it.  RCF has a bunch to choose from. I used what I had on hand but if you search through their swim category, I bet you’ll find something perfect for your project…and only have to shop in one place!


The patterns I used were the Agility Bra, Tank and Dress for the top and the Riptide Reversible Shorties for the bottom half of my suit.  I. LOVE. THEM.  The instructions were clear and I really liked sewing them up.  I even bought all the notions AND new thread.  I mean…GO ME!  I braved the public for this suit.  It was THAT worth it.  I did have to stretch the clear elastic on my legs a little more than recommended because I guess I have a weird butt/thigh transition area and was having some cheek peek happening. But everything is as snug as a bug in a rug now…you can rest easy when you see me at the pool. BONUS, I can wear the top with jeans and I don’t look like I’m just walking around in a bathing suit.  If you live near a beach or vacation near one with a good pier and restaurants, you can easily transition from swimming to hanging out without having to totally change your clothes. I LOVE this feature! And the RCF prints really facilitate this look too.  The patterns and fabrics are a great pairing. I’m going to get a lot of use out of this sew.



  It’s been a while since a project was just fun…and this was super fun!  Positivity is ALWAYS welcome here. I’m actually sort of looking forward to warmer temps now.  SORT OF.  Don’t get carried away, Mother Nature!


To wrap things up, I want to give some shout outs. First  to The Fabric Fairy, who got my swim elastic out to me on time for this project even though she was under the weather.  AMAZING service! And second to my 9 year old daughter for being my little photographer.  The weather is mostly cloudy this week and our window of opportunity was small.  She stepped in and helped a mama out.


Stay cool, y’all!


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Make sure to check out the other bloggers on the tour!



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A Graduation Llama

You read that correctly.  My baby sister is graduating (or “congraduating” as my daughter says) college after lots of freaking hard work.  She held a job and passed all classes while miles and miles from friends and family. I’m SUPER proud of her.  So I decided not to give her money, or a car, or jewelry.  No no. I bestowed upon her the gift of the Llama.


This little guy is decked out in her school colors.  He is fuzzy and ready to move with my sis into the job market.  He’ll be a constant reminder that her sister loves her a Llama’s worth.  That should get her through tough days.


I made him out of faux fur and felt.  He’s not for playing with,though.  He’s a TROPHY.  He’s basically priceless.


This was a fun little project!  I used this pattern by RicRac.  It was really simple to sew up and so way cute.  The blanket and harness are included with the pattern, but I made the cap myself.  RicRac is an Aussie company with a totally adorbs online shop chalk full of fun patterns! She’s kind of a big deal and I had never heard of her.  Sometimes I think I live in a hole. Check her out and give her your money. I just happened upon her shop while doing what I do- window shopping on Etsy.


I WANTED to machine embroider her school’s logo on the blanket, but I couldn’t find a file ANYWHERE.  I lack the software to make my own, so I just accepted the loss, cut out my pieces of felt for the blanket, and moved on like a big girl.  And then I remembered that I needed the year on there somewhere.  My only option was hand embroidery and well….


I’ll just keep trying.  But maybe not on stuff I give to people… :::SIGH::: Anyway, congrats to my sister and all of you winter college grads!  The world is your Llama…ride it. (but not in a gross way, you perverts).

Llama on, Y’all


Art Gallery Knits Striped Tour



It’s time to get stripey with Art Gallery Fabrics!  First off, ART GALLERY!  Such great quality always. And this tour is all about their stripes! Like many of the other folks on this tour, I have a massive love for stripes.  They are a great accent that coordinates with most fabrics like buttuh.    But they’re also pretty super awesome as the star of the show.  Stripes are Beyonce!  Great in a group, and shine brightly alone. When the opportunity to participate in this tour showed up, I jumped on board immediately.


I decided to make something for myself since my wardrobe is falling apart right now.  I have a metric crap ton of solid tank tops and tees in my closet, so I wanted to make something I could wear with them.   This little cardi was perfect.  These happy pink stripes made my heart twerk (because my heart does not merely dance).  Pink is such an underrated color for adults.  It’s pretty, fun, and looks good on almost anyone.  The tone of the Striped Apart Rose is really really pretty.  Its a nice peachy pink hue.  I thought it was going to wash me out, but it was surprisingly flattering.  Never judge a color by its first appearance. Don’t be a judgy A-hole.  Pink is fantastic.


Comfort level- yasssssss.  It’s a nice weight without being too heavy.  It’s great for all kinds of projects, as you’ve seen throughout this tour.  These knits make you look cute, but feel comfy cozy. They’re yarn dyed so it’s a nice equal color on BOTH sides.  LOVE that. I’m all about looking cute with minimal effort and I think this little number really achieves my vibe. I now want one in every shade and style of AG stripes.  I’ll take a metric crap ton of cute cardigans to go with the metric crap ton of tanks I have ANY DAY.


As always, I hope I’ve inspired you a bit to start a project of your own. Get you some Art Gallery striped knit, grab your favorite cardigan pattern, and get to work! Make sure to check out everyone on the tour and show us some love via comments and likes.  Your support keeps us all going and sharing.

Paisley Roots

Sook Ee Designs

Replicate Then Deviate

Sew Sophie Lynn

Heather Handmade

Sew a Straight Line


ALSO…..THERE’S A GIVEAWAY COMING.  Make sure to check out our host’s (Paisley Roots) Instagram on Sunday for a chance to win something cool!

Be stripey, Y’all!


Petit a Petit: Happiness is Handmade- Design it My”selfie” Doll.



CHRISTMAS!!!!  GAAAAAH!  Its the most freaking wonderful time of the year. Seriously.  I’m so excited!  This year I was determined to sew a bunch of gifts.  I did not do that.  but I did sew one!  Its for my niece- she’s the special chosen one, I guess.   I’m not even sure I would have sewn her a gift had it not been for this wonderful “12 Dolls of Christmas” tour kicking my butt into gear.  Petit a Petit released her Urban Jungle Dolls last year (you can buy them separate OR in the bundle) and this year expanded it to the human realm with her Urban Classic Doll Pattern and she also released some clothing to go with.  I’ve only ever made 3 dolls before and they were animals…and it was a LONG time ago, so I wasn’t sure how I was going to fare.  It was so much fun! When I was trying to figure out the doll’s style I, took it’s recipient into consideration.  I wanted to make something that my 4 year old sassy-pants little niecey poo would really enjoy and relate to.  She’s artistic and has such a big personality, and she needs a stuffed pal that would compliment her.  So I decided to make her a Design it My”selfie” doll.  I’m old and think I’m much more clever than I am.  😉



**That is not a giant 4 year old.  That is my nearly 10 year old daughter modeling.**

The Dolls come with many different hairstyle options and a few different face options.  However, this doll is so easy to customize and make your own.  I absolutely adore hand embroidery, but I’m absolute trash at it.  I plan on practicing and getting better, but I didn’t want my poor niece to end up with a doll that gives her nightmares.  That wouldn’t be a very happy Christmas.  The face I chose is just so…well… ridiculous. AND FABULOUS!  I used a machine embroidery file purchased just for this. Its so her.  And let’s face it…it’s so me.  It’s perfect for selfie taking…and all the youngins are all about takin’ the selfies with their fancy technology doo dads these days. Whatever…I totally take selfies, too.  #NOSHAME . She’s 4 and doesn’t have her own phone, but she thinks she’s a teenager, so this is right up her alley.


The hair option I went with was the basic yarn hair.  This was the part that took the longest because I wanted to use what I had on-hand, which was thin yarn. It required many more strands to place than if I had used the recommended chunky yarn.  But the color was super fun and it still totally worked out.


The clothes are fantastic!  If you purchase this pattern, I highly suggest getting the bundle with the clothing. There’s lot to mix and match and they’re very quick to sew up.  I decided to do a mostly white wardrobe and let my niece color her own with fabric markers. Not a BRAND new idea, but still one that makes me the best auntie EVER.  And to a 4 year old, it’s the best and newest idea out there.  Don’t tell her any different. Of course, I asked my sister if this was ok first, so she can’t blame me if her kid starts marking up all her clothes. You heard it here, folks,- I asked for permission!  My daughter was SUPER jealous that this wasn’t going to be her doll to design clothes for, but at least she got to model. Same thing, really…  Anyhow, I made 5 items and that’s not even the whole collection.  On top of what I made, there is a pattern for shoes, a sweater, another pants option, and the dress has different options as well.  I wish my wardrobe was that diverse.  Jealous of a Doll…


If you’re still trying to think of a fun gift for someone in your life, pick up a copy of the pattern.  It’s got options for boy dolls as well and I know a couple of little guys that would love one.  I MAY actually make one for my niece’s twin brother (also known as my nephew).  Best Auntie EVER- 2 fold.  Man, so much winning. You could be a winner, too.  AND!  Guess what!  You can get these patterns at 20% off with the code HAPPINESS good until Christmas!  This code will work for ALL Petit a Petit patterns so stock up! Also, head over to my Instagram for a chance to win the patterns I made here! 


Happy Christmas, Y’all!




Ugly Christmas Picture Frames!

It’s Christmas time, fools!  Yay!!!  I did a quick, fun, on the fly Christmas craft that I wanted to put out into the interwebs- world wide style. I had a few Santa pics without frames and everything in stores was like $15-$20 for a simple seasonal frame.  I’m a cheap ass.  I’m not ashamed of it.  I HAVE to be.  We don’t have a lot of dollars.  So that price wasn’t happening. Now, I don’t think that price is a rip-off…I feel like I need to say that.  I just can’t pay that.  Just not in the budget.  So I went into the dollar store thinking about making one.  I had a few simple plans and then BAM!  I looked around at all the crazy glittery décor and new what had to be done.  Just like an ugly sweater, I was going to deck out a cheap frame and start a new personal tradition.


The tutorial is pretty simple.


  • Glue Gun and glue sticks
  • Dollar store Christmas shit (they sell frames there, so that’s included here)
  • Sandpaper or steel wool
  • Christmas Music (optional)


  • Turn on Christmas music
  • Scuff up the frame a bit with some sand paper or steel wool, so the glue will stick.
  • Glue Christmas shit on (don’t burn yourself)- the more shit the better.
  • Bask in the glory of the ugliness.


That’s IT! Happy Crafting!

Be Ugly, Y’all!




Fun Without Sun!

It’s getting to be winter-ish here in the desert and the kiddos have outgrown everything from last year.  I’ve had to make lots of warm-ish stuff that they can wear for 3 months before it gets all hot and uncomfortable again.  Since the holidays have started, my sewing time has slowed a bit. I’ve had this look planned for months and  was able to knock this out for my girl last week.  I’m still working on my boy’s coordinating look before the madness of Christmas sewing begins…which is stupidly soon.  YIKES.  Anyway, winter is usually full of earth tones and neutrals, but we don’t really do that here.  We’re all about color and fun.  So I decided to kind of just go for it and create clothes that just scream who I am as a seamstress and who my kids are as fashionable individuals.  Just because its not warm and sunny doesn’t mean we have to look drab.  You can look hella fun out of the sun, fool.


I have been DYING to make some overall shorts with this paint splatter canvas I purchased before Hancock went out of business forever…it was a sad day.  It’s actually more of a denim, but they called it canvas, so whatever.  I used this pattern by Puperita and changed it up a bit.  I obviously shortened them to shorts, used adjustable hardware, and used a button closure instead of a snap for the sides (the straps had to be lengthened for the hardware).  I also shortened the bib a bit, but added to the length all around because she’s got a looooong torso like her mother.   She’s at the top of the size range for this pattern, so I’m so bummed!  But I’m also glad I made them before she grew out of them forever.


The shirt was made using the Town Square Top and Dress pattern by New Horizons Patterns.  WE LOVE THIS PATTERN.  It’s super comfy, but absolutely cute!  I omitted all the colorblocking for a simpler look because it just didn’t need it with the fabric I used.  The fabric was upcycled from an old dress that my wonderful mother-in-law gave me.  The dress is an extra small…I am not that.  haha!  So it needed a new purpose in life.  I chopped it up and made it into a top.  Strangely I used almost every scrap…XS really is tiny apparently. It’s a pretty stretch lace over a neon stretchy something or other.  It was all part of the same dress, so yay! My girl is still well within the size range of this pattern, thank heavens.  It’s one of our faves!


The hat was made using McCalls 6213.  I sized up to accommodate my non-stretch fabric and mashed a couple of hats together to get the look I wanted.  It’s lined with fleece and covers the ears, so she’ll be toasty warm.  The pompoms are her favorite part.  She calls them “the snowballs” and pretends to throw them at people.  That, in turn, makes the dog jump up for them and giggling ensues.  Her brother now also wants a “Snowball Hat”.  My sewing mommy-do list is filling up, quickly.

Hat Coollage


The leg warmers were tapered rectangles…so…that’s all I have to say about that.


THE COAT!  I am so excited about how this turned out.  Its one of those pieces that you stop and look at and think “Hell yeah, bitch.  You killed it!”.  That’s largely in part because the pattern is so fabulous to start with.  The base for this coat is the Thyme Vest by Paisley Roots.  I made it for my son’s Thanksgiving look here.  This time I added sleeves using a pattern I already have and love.  I just mashed the vest with the arm scye of my coat pattern and BAM…good to go!  I’m pretty sure the Paisley Roots designer and best friend extraordinaire will be working on this as a pattern on it’s own soon, so stalk her. I lined it with fleece and added a drawstring to make it warm and functional.  She really loves it! It’ll keep her nice and toasty for those few months of chill we get.    Bonus: It’s totally unisex and can be passed down to my son.  SWEETNESS.





It doesn’t have to be summer to wear bright colors and overall shorts. Be bold, layer, layer, layer, and maybe giggle a bit.


Smile bright, y’all!



So Very ThankFALL!!!!

Cali Fabrics provided most of the fabrics for this post. BIG old THANK YOU to them for their generosity!

Hellooooooo Fall!!!!  I freaking love Autumn (and not just my friend by the same name).  We’re just starting to experience the yearly cool weather here.  There is nothing more magical to a desert rat like me than the cooler temps, leaves changing color (like the 3 trees in this city that do that), and the smells of people lighting up their fire places. Then we have THANKSGIVING.  Oh man, the holiday of shoveling savory foods in your mouth until you’ve felt enough regret to last until next Thanksgiving.  It’s a truly amazing time to be alive. In all seriousness, though, I love Thanksgiving as a holiday.  I’ve definitely learned to separate it from the not very accurate historic accounts of its origin.  I love what it’s turned into…a time of stopping and reflecting on all we have and who we have in our lives. It’s a beautiful thing.


Thanksgiving is celebrated in different ways all over the world.  Some places also call it “Thanksgiving” and some have their own names for it.  No matter the title we give or the day we celebrate, taking time to reflect on all we have is a nice breath of fresh air.  Now, in the U.S. we also have an abundance of Harvest festivals. I am no farmer.  I even manage to kill succulents.  It’s the truth.  But I am ALL ABOUT festivals celebrating the collection of food. Food=Good.  Harvest time is celebrated around the world.  Harvest seasons vary in their time on the calendar, but it seems like humans across this beautiful globe know how to be appreciative of food and sustenance.  In the U.S. we tend to celebrate harvest in the autumn time- again, I don’t know which crops are harvested in the Autumn exactly…but I like it.  There are always fall festivals, pumpkin patches, Autumn carnivals galore to spend way too much money on.  Couple these celebrations on abundance with Thanksgiving and it proves that the human race is a sappy bunch, no?



Now that I’ve gotten all emotional and gross, let’s move on to the looks! The boy is up first!



MY KID NEEDS TO BE COMFORTABLE.  I can not even tell you how much moving he does.  I would say 75% of the pictures I got of him were of him doing Fortnite dances that he’s learned at school. I curse those damn dances.  He’s bumped into one too many people at the grocery store doing “The Hype” and “The Orange Justice”.  If I never see another freaking Fortnite dance again, I’ll be happy. Anyhoo…..  I self drafted the base tee, but I used the Titchy Threads Rowan Tee hood to finish it off.  The Fabric is Bright Red Double Brushed Poly Spandex Knit provided by Cali Fabrics. I designed this Iron on vinyl design using Cricut Design Space and then abused my friendship perks by using my bestie’s Cricut Maker to cut it out.. Man I cracked myself up with this one.  My kids don’t fully get the joke…but they’re getting there. For the pants pattern I used a pattern from the Ottobre Winter 06/2014.  It was made for corduroy, so I graded it for knits and took out all the pockets and stuff.  I wanted him to have a simple pair of something that was comparable to leggings, but for kids that don’t like the tightness of leggings.  They’re comfy, allow for movement and are oh so cute.  The fabric is black solid knit from Riley Blake.


The cute little squirrel shirt started with McCalls 6450. I added a little acorn gathering pocket and appliqued the little nuts and squirrel on.  Then, of course, I had to be cheeky again.  I mean, squirrels have cheeks for DAYS, yo. and I’m sure Mr. Squirrel is super bummed that there’s a world full of nuts and only one of him. The fabric for this was “Butterscotch” Kona Cotton by Robert Kaufman provided by Cali Fabrics.  The Applique fabrics were from an upcycled shirt from my husband’s closet and a bit of corduroy leftover from an old project. I love raiding the closet for stuff. Makes me feel a lot less spendy.  I backed them with Wonder Under before sewing them on. Wonder Under is my JAM.


The REVERSIBLE vest started with the Thyme Vest by Paisley Roots.  I made side 1 out of that sweet Butterscotch” Kona Cotton by Robert Kaufman provided by Cali Fabrics. Side 2 was an Upcycled shirt from my husband’s closet. The shirt was old and thin and wobbly, so I had to spray bast it to some flannel for stability and warmth.  I made this already fantastic pattern into a reversible item.  It’s fun on all sides.  My kid thinks its the coolest thing ever.  He’s not wrong.  it took a bit of engineering to get it to work as a reversible vest, but it all worked out and now I’m the best mom ever.  And I saved the landfill from the mess of one more piece of cloth.  The beanie pattern was the Heidi and Finn free slouchy beanie pattern , I just fattened up the band a bit.  Totally a personal style choice.  The cozy fabric is Black and Grey Mottled Ribbed Sweater Knit provided by Cali Fabrics.

And now a photo dump of this goober because he was on his modeling GAME.


The Girl’s look

For my girl, fashion is key.  She’s a tween and is starting to care about looking “cool”.  She’s had her very critical little hand in everything I’ve made lately. I’m still getting used to this new “caring about fashion” thing.  HOWEVER, I can make her the cutest thing in the whole world, but if it lacks comfort, she ain’t wearing it.  NOPE.




The jacket was self drafted and a labor of love.  It’s simple design required the right fit and the perfect fabric. I had to do a lot of seam ripping and tailoring to get it right.  It doesn’t look like it was too complicated, but looks can be assholes…and deceiving.  I got the sequins from Amazon.  The lining was the same butterscotch solid from Cali fabrics that I used on the vest and the squirrel shirt.  The jacket is the fancy this look needs for a nice dinner, but allows her to still run around with her cousins and be a crazy kid after dinner or at any fall fun function.



The dress/tunic thing (hahahaha!) was made from the Uptown Downtown and Legends by Sew Straight Patterns.   The fabric here is also the Bright Red Double Brushed Poly Spandex Knit provided by Cali Fabrics. It’s such a pretty candy apple color that I just love for this season.  It can double as a Christmas dress too.  WINNING! The belt was hand- braided in a 4 strand braid and I used a leather buckle from Hobby Lobby to finish it off. I used trim that I’ve had in my stash for YEARS for this.  I had two strands facing wrong side up, so the braid was clear and it didn’t just look like a jumble of trim thrown together.

I finished the look off with a scarf and boot cuffs. I’d like to say that I “Self drafted” them, but…well…they’re rectangles.  I didn’t invent the rectangle or put a new spin on  the rectangle.  They’re rectangles sewn.  The fabric for these fabulous quadrilaterals is the Black and Grey Mottled Ribbed Sweater Knit provided by Cali Fabrics.


These kids were such troopers.  With a house full of sickness and the time change from hell, we had to do a few photo shoots to get this one right.  Here they are celebrating a job well done!


Happy Fall Y’all!


Project Run & Play Week 2: Nature Inspired

Did you read my post over at Project Run & Play?  Well if you didn’t the short of it is that it’s NATURE week and I picked the sparkliest part of the natural universe.  STARS!  These looks were so much fun to create.  Some weeks feel more…well…natural than others, and these week was that for me.  I got everything sewn up before week 1 even posted up.  It was a blast and I hope you like it!


Here are the deets on my boy’s look:


Shirt: Base Pattern- Yoke shirt by Puperita. Fabric- Woven cotton “Out of this World Galaxy” by Timeless Treasures.  Stripes by Riley Blake.




The pants: Base Pattern- Titchy Threads Small Fry Skinny Jeans (with all the fabulous options!  Zipper fly, buttonhole elastic waistband, belt loops…so much more) Fabric- Stretch Denim from Stylish Fabric. Appliques- Made on the Cricut Maker with their iron on vinyl in white.



The Jacket: Base Pattern- Simplicity 2292.  Fabric: Star knit from Dear Stella and white Fleece from Joann’s (also from my stash).


Aaaaaaand the little lady!


Pinafore: Base pattern: pinafore in Pretesting. Fabric- Woven cotton “Out of this World Galaxy” by Timeless Treasures.



Coat: Base Pattern- Ottobre Magazine issue Winter 06/2014.  Fabric: Shetland Flannel by Robert Kaufman (purchased from Raspberry Creek)



Shirt: Self drafted pattern.  Fabric- Striped knit from my stash. Socks: base pattern- Jalie 2448. Fabric- White knit from Riley Blake.


I hope you enjoyed my looks!  I had a ton of fun making them 🙂 I hope you’re sewing along this week!


Stay natural, Y’all!


Project Run & Play Week 1- Hula Hawaii

It’s week 1 of the competition and we’re all super excited to share our looks.  This week was a really fun challenge…and it WAS a challenge.  It was Kid Designed- Momma Sewn.  My daughter designed the original look.  Now, my goal this season is to sew for both of my kids as much as possible since they both need clothes, they both want to be involved, and it’s Project Run & Play so I need to step up my game! GRRRRRR GAME FACE!  But my son isn’t a “design clothes” sort of kid.  He’s a “make something and I’ll tell you if I don’t or do like it…and it’s your job to fix it” kid.  My daughter is a bit of a designer, but she was quick to tell me that she doesn’t design for boys. Diva.  After much coercion I got my boy to at least tell me some items that he wanted- that would have to do.  He also liked his sister’s design and wanted to match her, so it all worked out.  As with all collaborations, I put most of what she wanted and a bit of me in there as well- with some kid approved changes to top it off.  I think we created something super fun together!  The little designer in my home called it “Hula Hawaii”.


I go into a bit more detail on the official Project Run & Play post, but here, we do fun times.  So here’s a little “Meet the Designers” post for you.  Please enjoy.

Meet the Designer-The girl:

Me: “How old are you?”

Designer: “9”

Me: “How long have you been designing clothes?”

Designer: “A lot of time”

Me: “Would you like to be a designer when you grow up?”

Designer: “uuuuh, eeeeh, um, yeah”

Me:  “What made you think of this design?”

Designer: “Cuz I love thinking about beaches.”

Me: “What is your favorite part of your new outfit?”

Designer: “The hula skirt cuz I love how it shakes”

Me: “How cool is your seamstress? Is she the best in the whole universe?”

Designer: :::Laughs::: “Yes.  SO good!”

Me: “When your seamstress gets very old, will you put her in a nice home in the tropics where she can sip Mai Tais all day?”

Designer: “What does that even mean?”  :::Laughs:::

Below are the patterns and fabrics used in her look.  Please see the Project Run & Play post for hacking details!  There are many…so buckle up, Buttercup.


^^Skirt: Self Drafted.  Fabrics- Organic Kona Cotton from Hobby Lobby; green fringe trim from Amazon.com^^


^^Top #1: Starting Pattern: Jalie 2913. Fabric: Upcycled Mu-mu thing from a thrift store.^^


Jacket: Starting Pattern- Fashionista Jacket by Winterwear Designs.  Fabric- Upcycled denim donated by my buddy, Kelli.


Top #2- Starting Pattern: Jalie 2913. Fabric: White knit from Riley Blake


Fishy Purse: Starting Pattern- The Alice Bag by Polkadot Chair. Embroidery File (for eyeball) – Girl Lashers by WhimsyWoo Stables.  Fabric- Blue sequins and Yellow faux leather from Amazon.com. Pink faux leather- a billion year old fabric scrap from Joanns. Purse strap was crocheted with twine.


Meet the Designer-The boy:


Me: “How old are you?”

Designer: “6”

Me: “How long have you been designing clothes?”

Designer: “1 time”

Me: “Would you like to be a designer when you grow up?”

Designer: ‘No. An Ice cream truck driver.”

Me:  “What made you think of this design?”

Designer: “I don’t know”

Me: “What is your favorite part of your new outfit?”

Designer: “The fish.  Because you dyed it blue and it looks like it’s swimming in the water.”

Me: “How cool is your seamstress? Is she the best in the whole universe?”

Designer: :::Just laughs at me:::

Me: “When your seamstress gets very old, will you put her in a nice home in the tropics where she can sip Mai Tais all day?”

Designer: “Now, what did you say?!?!?!” :::Looks at me like I’m nuts::: “No seriously…”



Shorts: Base Pattern- Scientific Seamstress Field Research Shorts.  Fabric- Dad’s old busted work pants.



Self-drafted long sleeve tee.  Fabric: White knit from Riley Blake (dyed blue).  Cuffs and neckband- Mu-mu from poppin’ tags.  Yellow faux leather from Amazon.com.  sparkly blue iron on vinyl from Cricut.


Vest Base pattern: Vintage Kwik Sew 2504.  Fabric: organic Kona cotton from Hobby Lobby.

Thanks for stopping by to meet these fabulous and goofy designers. They’re super proud of what they created and are tickled pink that you all get to see them.  Make sure you sew along for a chance to win a fabulous prize.  And don’t forget to vote for your favorite look of the week!


Design on, Y’all!


Halloween 2018: The Girl

It’s Halloween time!!!  My favorite time!  You’ll hear me say it over and over again, so if you think you’re sick of it now…just wait.  Let’s just get right to it then, shall we?  My girl is always very specific about her costume requests.  Her initial ideas are simple enough , but then she gets really specific and makes it hard for me to be creative.  This year she decided to switch things up and be weird out of the gate.  Her request?  A Jellyfish.  Because OF COURSE…I mean, DUH.  Right?



She was very specific about the color…Aqua.  But I didn’t have a lot of aqua to choose from, so I threw a bunch of blues and mint green tulle together and hoped for the best.  She gave her seal of approval and I gave a sigh of relief.  When this girl doesn’t really like something, she’ll tell you.  She’s not a snot about it…but it still stings (pun TOTALLY intended here…I hope it landed well)


If you follow me on Facebook, I posted a little video about my process with the jellyfish.  Basically it’s an umbrella hat with hella tulle and some cool trim from Hobby Lobby.  Initially I was going to put a ruffle on the edge of the jellyfish, but it ended up looking like…a ruffle.  It looked really stupid.  So I decided to just leave the edges alone!  Sometimes less is best…unless its Oreos or coffee.  Then, less is dumb.


The dress underneath is supposed to represent the deep sea.  We’re going to have some LED lights attached for trick or treating.  So at night the jellyfish will glow and the rest of her will disappear with the exception of a little sparkle!  It’s gonna be pretty cool.  I hope she earns lots of Reese’s for me.   The dress is Faryn’s by Create Kids Couture mashed with the sleeves from CKC’s Tatiana’s.  I then added a turtleneck because that’s her latest obsession.  If she wants to be something else for a Halloween party, we can throw on a wig and make her Morticia Addams or a witch or whatever.  It’s a nice multi-costume piece. And boy does she feel fancy wearing it.

Jellyfish Dress


This was a really fun costume to make, although I did spend many nights obsessing about how I was going to make it work.  It all turned out just as she wanted in the end.  She’s a sassy little fashionista and I she’s told me many times that this is totally “her style”.


As weird as the initial request was, I’m really glad she branched out creatively this year.  I hope she keeps it up and keeps me on my toes.  Someday she won’t want me to make her costumes anymore and my heart will be broken…but for now, I’m gonna do whatever I can to make their dress-up dreams come true.


I’ll be posting my son’s costume soon…once I finish it…once I start it…once I have my supplies.  Haha!  I’m so behind right now. I’m going crazy.  Anyway, Happy Halloween, Y’all!!