Project Run & Play Week 2: Nature Inspired

Did you read my post over at Project Run & Play?  Well if you didn’t the short of it is that it’s NATURE week and I picked the sparkliest part of the natural universe.  STARS!  These looks were so much fun to create.  Some weeks feel more…well…natural than others, and these week was that for me.  I got everything sewn up before week 1 even posted up.  It was a blast and I hope you like it!


Here are the deets on my boy’s look:


Shirt: Base Pattern- Yoke shirt by Puperita. Fabric- Woven cotton “Out of this World Galaxy” by Timeless Treasures.  Stripes by Riley Blake.




The pants: Base Pattern- Titchy Threads Small Fry Skinny Jeans (with all the fabulous options!  Zipper fly, buttonhole elastic waistband, belt loops…so much more) Fabric- Stretch Denim from Stylish Fabric. Appliques- Made on the Cricut Maker with their iron on vinyl in white.



The Jacket: Base Pattern- Simplicity 2292.  Fabric: Star knit from Dear Stella and white Fleece from Joann’s (also from my stash).


Aaaaaaand the little lady!


Pinafore: Base pattern: pinafore in Pretesting. Fabric- Woven cotton “Out of this World Galaxy” by Timeless Treasures.



Coat: Base Pattern- Ottobre Magazine issue Winter 06/2014.  Fabric: Shetland Flannel by Robert Kaufman (purchased from Raspberry Creek)



Shirt: Self drafted pattern.  Fabric- Striped knit from my stash. Socks: base pattern- Jalie 2448. Fabric- White knit from Riley Blake.


I hope you enjoyed my looks!  I had a ton of fun making them 🙂 I hope you’re sewing along this week!


Stay natural, Y’all!



Project Run & Play Week 1- Hula Hawaii

It’s week 1 of the competition and we’re all super excited to share our looks.  This week was a really fun challenge…and it WAS a challenge.  It was Kid Designed- Momma Sewn.  My daughter designed the original look.  Now, my goal this season is to sew for both of my kids as much as possible since they both need clothes, they both want to be involved, and it’s Project Run & Play so I need to step up my game! GRRRRRR GAME FACE!  But my son isn’t a “design clothes” sort of kid.  He’s a “make something and I’ll tell you if I don’t or do like it…and it’s your job to fix it” kid.  My daughter is a bit of a designer, but she was quick to tell me that she doesn’t design for boys. Diva.  After much coercion I got my boy to at least tell me some items that he wanted- that would have to do.  He also liked his sister’s design and wanted to match her, so it all worked out.  As with all collaborations, I put most of what she wanted and a bit of me in there as well- with some kid approved changes to top it off.  I think we created something super fun together!  The little designer in my home called it “Hula Hawaii”.


I go into a bit more detail on the official Project Run & Play post, but here, we do fun times.  So here’s a little “Meet the Designers” post for you.  Please enjoy.

Meet the Designer-The girl:

Me: “How old are you?”

Designer: “9”

Me: “How long have you been designing clothes?”

Designer: “A lot of time”

Me: “Would you like to be a designer when you grow up?”

Designer: “uuuuh, eeeeh, um, yeah”

Me:  “What made you think of this design?”

Designer: “Cuz I love thinking about beaches.”

Me: “What is your favorite part of your new outfit?”

Designer: “The hula skirt cuz I love how it shakes”

Me: “How cool is your seamstress? Is she the best in the whole universe?”

Designer: :::Laughs::: “Yes.  SO good!”

Me: “When your seamstress gets very old, will you put her in a nice home in the tropics where she can sip Mai Tais all day?”

Designer: “What does that even mean?”  :::Laughs:::

Below are the patterns and fabrics used in her look.  Please see the Project Run & Play post for hacking details!  There are many…so buckle up, Buttercup.


^^Skirt: Self Drafted.  Fabrics- Organic Kona Cotton from Hobby Lobby; green fringe trim from^^


^^Top #1: Starting Pattern: Jalie 2913. Fabric: Upcycled Mu-mu thing from a thrift store.^^


Jacket: Starting Pattern- Fashionista Jacket by Winterwear Designs.  Fabric- Upcycled denim donated by my buddy, Kelli.


Top #2- Starting Pattern: Jalie 2913. Fabric: White knit from Riley Blake


Fishy Purse: Starting Pattern- The Alice Bag by Polkadot Chair. Embroidery File (for eyeball) – Girl Lashers by WhimsyWoo Stables.  Fabric- Blue sequins and Yellow faux leather from Pink faux leather- a billion year old fabric scrap from Joanns. Purse strap was crocheted with twine.


Meet the Designer-The boy:


Me: “How old are you?”

Designer: “6”

Me: “How long have you been designing clothes?”

Designer: “1 time”

Me: “Would you like to be a designer when you grow up?”

Designer: ‘No. An Ice cream truck driver.”

Me:  “What made you think of this design?”

Designer: “I don’t know”

Me: “What is your favorite part of your new outfit?”

Designer: “The fish.  Because you dyed it blue and it looks like it’s swimming in the water.”

Me: “How cool is your seamstress? Is she the best in the whole universe?”

Designer: :::Just laughs at me:::

Me: “When your seamstress gets very old, will you put her in a nice home in the tropics where she can sip Mai Tais all day?”

Designer: “Now, what did you say?!?!?!” :::Looks at me like I’m nuts::: “No seriously…”



Shorts: Base Pattern- Scientific Seamstress Field Research Shorts.  Fabric- Dad’s old busted work pants.



Self-drafted long sleeve tee.  Fabric: White knit from Riley Blake (dyed blue).  Cuffs and neckband- Mu-mu from poppin’ tags.  Yellow faux leather from  sparkly blue iron on vinyl from Cricut.


Vest Base pattern: Vintage Kwik Sew 2504.  Fabric: organic Kona cotton from Hobby Lobby.

Thanks for stopping by to meet these fabulous and goofy designers. They’re super proud of what they created and are tickled pink that you all get to see them.  Make sure you sew along for a chance to win a fabulous prize.  And don’t forget to vote for your favorite look of the week!


Design on, Y’all!


Halloween 2018: The Girl

It’s Halloween time!!!  My favorite time!  You’ll hear me say it over and over again, so if you think you’re sick of it now…just wait.  Let’s just get right to it then, shall we?  My girl is always very specific about her costume requests.  Her initial ideas are simple enough , but then she gets really specific and makes it hard for me to be creative.  This year she decided to switch things up and be weird out of the gate.  Her request?  A Jellyfish.  Because OF COURSE…I mean, DUH.  Right?



She was very specific about the color…Aqua.  But I didn’t have a lot of aqua to choose from, so I threw a bunch of blues and mint green tulle together and hoped for the best.  She gave her seal of approval and I gave a sigh of relief.  When this girl doesn’t really like something, she’ll tell you.  She’s not a snot about it…but it still stings (pun TOTALLY intended here…I hope it landed well)


If you follow me on Facebook, I posted a little video about my process with the jellyfish.  Basically it’s an umbrella hat with hella tulle and some cool trim from Hobby Lobby.  Initially I was going to put a ruffle on the edge of the jellyfish, but it ended up looking like…a ruffle.  It looked really stupid.  So I decided to just leave the edges alone!  Sometimes less is best…unless its Oreos or coffee.  Then, less is dumb.


The dress underneath is supposed to represent the deep sea.  We’re going to have some LED lights attached for trick or treating.  So at night the jellyfish will glow and the rest of her will disappear with the exception of a little sparkle!  It’s gonna be pretty cool.  I hope she earns lots of Reese’s for me.   The dress is Faryn’s by Create Kids Couture mashed with the sleeves from CKC’s Tatiana’s.  I then added a turtleneck because that’s her latest obsession.  If she wants to be something else for a Halloween party, we can throw on a wig and make her Morticia Addams or a witch or whatever.  It’s a nice multi-costume piece. And boy does she feel fancy wearing it.

Jellyfish Dress


This was a really fun costume to make, although I did spend many nights obsessing about how I was going to make it work.  It all turned out just as she wanted in the end.  She’s a sassy little fashionista and I she’s told me many times that this is totally “her style”.


As weird as the initial request was, I’m really glad she branched out creatively this year.  I hope she keeps it up and keeps me on my toes.  Someday she won’t want me to make her costumes anymore and my heart will be broken…but for now, I’m gonna do whatever I can to make their dress-up dreams come true.


I’ll be posting my son’s costume soon…once I finish it…once I start it…once I have my supplies.  Haha!  I’m so behind right now. I’m going crazy.  Anyway, Happy Halloween, Y’all!!



Project Run and Play- Week 1 Sew Along: Willy Wonka!

This is my first post on my new blog!  I had such fun blogging with my friends over on That’s What SHE Crafted, but life has taken us all down different paths and I felt it was a great time to branch back out on my own.  My old work is here now, too, so if you’re nosey and want to see….  Anyway, on with the new!  And what better way to start fresh than with an old favorite? Project Run & Play! This week’s theme is Willy Wonka.  So much fun!



I wanted to choose a treat, because if I were to have won a golden ticket to tour the facility, I legitimately wouldn’t care about anything else but the sweet stuff.  Forget the damned factory and Oompa Loompas…I want to stuff my face.  I decided on Fizzy Lifting Drinks because I want to fly. I always have wanted to fly.

Still working on it.



I started with the fabric. I chose this fantastic sequins for 3 reasons…it’s sparkly (duh), the little sequins look like fizz, and the color reminds me of bubbles.  Remember how in the scene and how they were surrounded by bubbles while burping to get themselves down from the ceiling?  BEST EVER.  Burp Charlie!  Shrek would be proud.


Next, I had to choose a pattern. I wanted to go CRAZY whimsical, but my daughter is SO not into that right now.  I didn’t want my pretty fabric to go to waste.   So I decided I wanted a simple shift dress that would just let the fabric do all the talking.  Since we’re exiting summer (I freaking hope), there needed to be some sort of sleeve.  I couldn’t find a pattern that was really what I wanted. I even bought a few shift dress patterns to try, but nothing really gave me what I was looking for. So I started with a sleeve that I love…and a bodice fit that I liked and went from there.  The finished product is a VERY modified and unrecognizable Allspice from Paisley Roots.  I love the very mod look this dress has and my girl loves that it’s comfy, but fancy, but casual.  She can wear it whenever she wants!



Let’s pause for a moment and watch my girl reenact Charlie’s bad decision…


The vest was made using a vintage (80’s or 90’s because apparently that’s vintage now) Kwik Sew pattern. It’s my girl’s favorite part- she says she wants to wear it every day.  Who doesn’t love a denim vest?

Vest Collage


It was a good decision to make this… BUT…What happened with Charlie’s bad decision? Oh Yeah!


DAMMIT, Charlie!

But everything turned out ok…HURRAY!!!


Yay for Bubbly, fun, happy, trendy clothes that make a 9 year old smile.  I’m super grateful for such a fun theme this week.



I can’t to see what everyone else sews along with the themes. And don’t forget to vote for your favorite official look from the contestants this week! Show your support!


Nom Nom, Y’all!


Christmas Garb: 2017

Every year I make matching outfits for my kiddos for Christmas.  Right now they enjoy it.  I know that someday, they will definitely not. I’m soaking it up before they start rolling their eyes and writing the forwards to their autobiographies that have a main focus on how their mother ruined their lives.  I think they’re cute, though, so I’ll just start saving for some therapy or chocolate or something.  But look at how adorable they are!

Let’s start with the boy.  He looks so dashing, after all.  I pretty much just made a vest and a bowtie.  He apparently LOVES bowties…even though he HATED them at Easter time.  He was insistent that he get one: non-negotiable.  I decided to make and actual tie-able bowtie instead of my normal slide on tie. I used this pattern. I would make it longer and wider next time.  It juuuuust barely fit him even though I made it even larger than the pattern calls for. He may have called it “chokey”…but he still wanted to wear it!  At a young age, he’s learning that beauty is pain.  His vest was a super easy sew and  I really love the fit.  It’s the Schoolboy Vest by Sew Much Ado. It comes with the option of real or faux welt pockets and a back tie, but I made a really simple version since my fabric was so busy.  His shirt and pants were already in his dresser, so they were REALLY simple to make ::wink::wink::
The girl’s dress turned out better than I had hoped for.  I made a version for this dress (The Nori by Paisley Roots) when I tested it in August.  My girl is very picky about what she’ll wear and she chose this pattern straight away.  She just wanted it long, so I obliged.  I just made a gathered maxi skirt instead of using the circle skirt that the pattern comes with.  It’s such a lovely dress and she told me that she felt like a princess.  WINNING!

The fabric used is by Michael Miller and it’s the Glitz confetti border in Navy. It’s actually a much deeper navy in person, but it wanted to be photographed with a blue PAPOW.  It’s gorgeous, though.  I’m so glad I had some on hand.  I bought it a few years ago.  My New Year’s Resolution for 2017 was to buy no fabric all year.  I actually only bought a total of 7 yards this year including Halloween fabrics. I think I can call that a success.  I’m glad I finally finished these.  The next 9 days are going to be a festival of crazy requiring copious amounts of spiked coffee.  The kids got to see Santa today as well (and I finished these LAST NIGHT).  So I barely met my deadline.  WHEW!  These may be my favorite Christmas outfits so far.  Can’t wait to see what next year holds!

Merry Christmas, Y’all!

Sewing in a Winter Wonderland

We don’t get a true winter where I live.  I mean, right now it’s November and it’s 80 degrees out.  But in a few weeks it’ll get a little chilly and my kids will start complaining of near death by freezing.  Time to start my “Winter” sewing!  My boy was the first to get something mama made to keep him warmish.

The vest is The Dragon Vest by Puperita and is oh so cozy!

I added some orbit pockets using this tutorial from Paisley Roots.  I just made them a smidge bigger to work better with this pattern.
I also didn’t have the correct size zipper, so this one was a little short. Still worked, though, and I didn’t have to leave the house and buy a new one- and deal with people ::Shudder:::
The star of the vest really is the fabric though.  My best friend and I love how much it looks like a Monet.  The fabric is from Wanderlust Custom Fabric.  If you read this in time, there’s a pre-order for this happening Black Friday through Cyber Monday. The price is gonna be super dope on a rope too.  BUY SOME. 
The shirt is THE BEST. It’s the Flashback Skinny Tee by Made by Rae.  This is my go-to shirt for my skinny little guy.  It’s a quick sew and really really cute.  
No joke, it could be used as just a striped shirt, as a Christmas shirt, or as a Where’s Waldo costume.  I win.

This 5 year old has some MAJOR energy.  Seriously…

Anyway, there’s the low down on my first bit of sewing for the new season.  I hope to do some more.  I may not…I get lazy.  But I’ll try.  Haha!
Oh!  Back shots!  I almost forgot.  And I know how BADLY you want to see them.  So interesting…

Stay Warm, Y’all!

Halloween 2017: The Girl

“I want a purple fairy queen costume!”  Now THAT’S what I’m talking about.  My girl gave me a super fun costume request this year. I’m happy to say, that she’s happy and I’m done!  Boom shakka lakka.  She makes a lovely little fairy…and we all call her our little pixie anyway.

She was only a tiny bit picky…she knew what styles she DIDN’T want and I got to fill the holes.  She didn’t want a tank top. She didn’t want it too short.  She did want some poof, though and thank goodness tulle is so cheap 😉  
I insisted on sparkles and flowers and she was totally cool with that.  I also wanted to use lace- she reluctantly agreed, but I think she would have been more on board right away if she would have known what lace was when I asked her.
For the top, I used Glady’s Graceful Leotard Pattern by Create Kids Couture.  It was a really easy sew and turned out so pretty and flowy with the lace got from Purple Seamstress Fabrics.  I added some flowers that we picked out together from…DOLLAR TREE, homey!  I love Dollar Tree.  
The skirt is 3 parts.  The bottom is an easy peasy no sew tutu. She wanted that fluff and I wanted something brainless.  Done and done.  The top skirt was made using Effy’s by CKC.  I added a layer and converted it from a dress to a skirt.  Then I made the corset using McCalls 7230.  I wanted to really bring a fun renaissance flair in there for her and really finish off the look.
The accessories really set this costume over the edge of Pixie Hollow.  The crown was something she was INSISTANT on.  She wanted a huge flower crown and picked out these flowers specifically for it.  I think she did a great job!  The wings were store bought because eff that shiz.  That’s my official stance on making my own wings, in case you were wondering.
Today was a rough day and I needed a strong finish, so I’m super glad I was able to get this all done and snap some pictures of my very happy child.  My writing is a bit lackluster because my brain is all mush right now, but I know if I didn’t write it today I’d probably just put it off until November.  So, I didn’t make a whole lot of funny jokes.  Just imagine a fart noise and boob joke right about now.  Now giggle.  My work here is done.

Happy Halloween…again, Y’all!