A Graduation Llama

You read that correctly.  My baby sister is graduating (or “congraduating” as my daughter says) college after lots of freaking hard work.  She held a job and passed all classes while miles and miles from friends and family. I’m SUPER proud of her.  So I decided not to give her money, or a car, or jewelry.  No no. I bestowed upon her the gift of the Llama.


This little guy is decked out in her school colors.  He is fuzzy and ready to move with my sis into the job market.  He’ll be a constant reminder that her sister loves her a Llama’s worth.  That should get her through tough days.


I made him out of faux fur and felt.  He’s not for playing with,though.  He’s a TROPHY.  He’s basically priceless.


This was a fun little project!  I used this pattern by RicRac.  It was really simple to sew up and so way cute.  The blanket and harness are included with the pattern, but I made the cap myself.  RicRac is an Aussie company with a totally adorbs online shop chalk full of fun patterns! She’s kind of a big deal and I had never heard of her.  Sometimes I think I live in a hole. Check her out and give her your money. I just happened upon her shop while doing what I do- window shopping on Etsy.


I WANTED to machine embroider her school’s logo on the blanket, but I couldn’t find a file ANYWHERE.  I lack the software to make my own, so I just accepted the loss, cut out my pieces of felt for the blanket, and moved on like a big girl.  And then I remembered that I needed the year on there somewhere.  My only option was hand embroidery and well….


I’ll just keep trying.  But maybe not on stuff I give to people… :::SIGH::: Anyway, congrats to my sister and all of you winter college grads!  The world is your Llama…ride it. (but not in a gross way, you perverts).

Llama on, Y’all