Art Gallery Knits Striped Tour



It’s time to get stripey with Art Gallery Fabrics!  First off, ART GALLERY!  Such great quality always. And this tour is all about their stripes! Like many of the other folks on this tour, I have a massive love for stripes.  They are a great accent that coordinates with most fabrics like buttuh.    But they’re also pretty super awesome as the star of the show.  Stripes are Beyonce!  Great in a group, and shine brightly alone. When the opportunity to participate in this tour showed up, I jumped on board immediately.


I decided to make something for myself since my wardrobe is falling apart right now.  I have a metric crap ton of solid tank tops and tees in my closet, so I wanted to make something I could wear with them.   This little cardi was perfect.  These happy pink stripes made my heart twerk (because my heart does not merely dance).  Pink is such an underrated color for adults.  It’s pretty, fun, and looks good on almost anyone.  The tone of the Striped Apart Rose is really really pretty.  Its a nice peachy pink hue.  I thought it was going to wash me out, but it was surprisingly flattering.  Never judge a color by its first appearance. Don’t be a judgy A-hole.  Pink is fantastic.


Comfort level- yasssssss.  It’s a nice weight without being too heavy.  It’s great for all kinds of projects, as you’ve seen throughout this tour.  These knits make you look cute, but feel comfy cozy. They’re yarn dyed so it’s a nice equal color on BOTH sides.  LOVE that. I’m all about looking cute with minimal effort and I think this little number really achieves my vibe. I now want one in every shade and style of AG stripes.  I’ll take a metric crap ton of cute cardigans to go with the metric crap ton of tanks I have ANY DAY.


As always, I hope I’ve inspired you a bit to start a project of your own. Get you some Art Gallery striped knit, grab your favorite cardigan pattern, and get to work! Make sure to check out everyone on the tour and show us some love via comments and likes.  Your support keeps us all going and sharing.

Paisley Roots

Sook Ee Designs

Replicate Then Deviate

Sew Sophie Lynn

Heather Handmade

Sew a Straight Line


ALSO…..THERE’S A GIVEAWAY COMING.  Make sure to check out our host’s (Paisley Roots) Instagram on Sunday for a chance to win something cool!

Be stripey, Y’all!


So Very ThankFALL!!!!

Cali Fabrics provided most of the fabrics for this post. BIG old THANK YOU to them for their generosity!

Hellooooooo Fall!!!!  I freaking love Autumn (and not just my friend by the same name).  We’re just starting to experience the yearly cool weather here.  There is nothing more magical to a desert rat like me than the cooler temps, leaves changing color (like the 3 trees in this city that do that), and the smells of people lighting up their fire places. Then we have THANKSGIVING.  Oh man, the holiday of shoveling savory foods in your mouth until you’ve felt enough regret to last until next Thanksgiving.  It’s a truly amazing time to be alive. In all seriousness, though, I love Thanksgiving as a holiday.  I’ve definitely learned to separate it from the not very accurate historic accounts of its origin.  I love what it’s turned into…a time of stopping and reflecting on all we have and who we have in our lives. It’s a beautiful thing.


Thanksgiving is celebrated in different ways all over the world.  Some places also call it “Thanksgiving” and some have their own names for it.  No matter the title we give or the day we celebrate, taking time to reflect on all we have is a nice breath of fresh air.  Now, in the U.S. we also have an abundance of Harvest festivals. I am no farmer.  I even manage to kill succulents.  It’s the truth.  But I am ALL ABOUT festivals celebrating the collection of food. Food=Good.  Harvest time is celebrated around the world.  Harvest seasons vary in their time on the calendar, but it seems like humans across this beautiful globe know how to be appreciative of food and sustenance.  In the U.S. we tend to celebrate harvest in the autumn time- again, I don’t know which crops are harvested in the Autumn exactly…but I like it.  There are always fall festivals, pumpkin patches, Autumn carnivals galore to spend way too much money on.  Couple these celebrations on abundance with Thanksgiving and it proves that the human race is a sappy bunch, no?



Now that I’ve gotten all emotional and gross, let’s move on to the looks! The boy is up first!



MY KID NEEDS TO BE COMFORTABLE.  I can not even tell you how much moving he does.  I would say 75% of the pictures I got of him were of him doing Fortnite dances that he’s learned at school. I curse those damn dances.  He’s bumped into one too many people at the grocery store doing “The Hype” and “The Orange Justice”.  If I never see another freaking Fortnite dance again, I’ll be happy. Anyhoo…..  I self drafted the base tee, but I used the Titchy Threads Rowan Tee hood to finish it off.  The Fabric is Bright Red Double Brushed Poly Spandex Knit provided by Cali Fabrics. I designed this Iron on vinyl design using Cricut Design Space and then abused my friendship perks by using my bestie’s Cricut Maker to cut it out.. Man I cracked myself up with this one.  My kids don’t fully get the joke…but they’re getting there. For the pants pattern I used a pattern from the Ottobre Winter 06/2014.  It was made for corduroy, so I graded it for knits and took out all the pockets and stuff.  I wanted him to have a simple pair of something that was comparable to leggings, but for kids that don’t like the tightness of leggings.  They’re comfy, allow for movement and are oh so cute.  The fabric is black solid knit from Riley Blake.


The cute little squirrel shirt started with McCalls 6450. I added a little acorn gathering pocket and appliqued the little nuts and squirrel on.  Then, of course, I had to be cheeky again.  I mean, squirrels have cheeks for DAYS, yo. and I’m sure Mr. Squirrel is super bummed that there’s a world full of nuts and only one of him. The fabric for this was “Butterscotch” Kona Cotton by Robert Kaufman provided by Cali Fabrics.  The Applique fabrics were from an upcycled shirt from my husband’s closet and a bit of corduroy leftover from an old project. I love raiding the closet for stuff. Makes me feel a lot less spendy.  I backed them with Wonder Under before sewing them on. Wonder Under is my JAM.


The REVERSIBLE vest started with the Thyme Vest by Paisley Roots.  I made side 1 out of that sweet Butterscotch” Kona Cotton by Robert Kaufman provided by Cali Fabrics. Side 2 was an Upcycled shirt from my husband’s closet. The shirt was old and thin and wobbly, so I had to spray bast it to some flannel for stability and warmth.  I made this already fantastic pattern into a reversible item.  It’s fun on all sides.  My kid thinks its the coolest thing ever.  He’s not wrong.  it took a bit of engineering to get it to work as a reversible vest, but it all worked out and now I’m the best mom ever.  And I saved the landfill from the mess of one more piece of cloth.  The beanie pattern was the Heidi and Finn free slouchy beanie pattern , I just fattened up the band a bit.  Totally a personal style choice.  The cozy fabric is Black and Grey Mottled Ribbed Sweater Knit provided by Cali Fabrics.

And now a photo dump of this goober because he was on his modeling GAME.


The Girl’s look

For my girl, fashion is key.  She’s a tween and is starting to care about looking “cool”.  She’s had her very critical little hand in everything I’ve made lately. I’m still getting used to this new “caring about fashion” thing.  HOWEVER, I can make her the cutest thing in the whole world, but if it lacks comfort, she ain’t wearing it.  NOPE.




The jacket was self drafted and a labor of love.  It’s simple design required the right fit and the perfect fabric. I had to do a lot of seam ripping and tailoring to get it right.  It doesn’t look like it was too complicated, but looks can be assholes…and deceiving.  I got the sequins from Amazon.  The lining was the same butterscotch solid from Cali fabrics that I used on the vest and the squirrel shirt.  The jacket is the fancy this look needs for a nice dinner, but allows her to still run around with her cousins and be a crazy kid after dinner or at any fall fun function.



The dress/tunic thing (hahahaha!) was made from the Uptown Downtown and Legends by Sew Straight Patterns.   The fabric here is also the Bright Red Double Brushed Poly Spandex Knit provided by Cali Fabrics. It’s such a pretty candy apple color that I just love for this season.  It can double as a Christmas dress too.  WINNING! The belt was hand- braided in a 4 strand braid and I used a leather buckle from Hobby Lobby to finish it off. I used trim that I’ve had in my stash for YEARS for this.  I had two strands facing wrong side up, so the braid was clear and it didn’t just look like a jumble of trim thrown together.

I finished the look off with a scarf and boot cuffs. I’d like to say that I “Self drafted” them, but…well…they’re rectangles.  I didn’t invent the rectangle or put a new spin on  the rectangle.  They’re rectangles sewn.  The fabric for these fabulous quadrilaterals is the Black and Grey Mottled Ribbed Sweater Knit provided by Cali Fabrics.


These kids were such troopers.  With a house full of sickness and the time change from hell, we had to do a few photo shoots to get this one right.  Here they are celebrating a job well done!


Happy Fall Y’all!


Project Run and Play- Week 1 Sew Along: Willy Wonka!

This is my first post on my new blog!  I had such fun blogging with my friends over on That’s What SHE Crafted, but life has taken us all down different paths and I felt it was a great time to branch back out on my own.  My old work is here now, too, so if you’re nosey and want to see….  Anyway, on with the new!  And what better way to start fresh than with an old favorite? Project Run & Play! This week’s theme is Willy Wonka.  So much fun!



I wanted to choose a treat, because if I were to have won a golden ticket to tour the facility, I legitimately wouldn’t care about anything else but the sweet stuff.  Forget the damned factory and Oompa Loompas…I want to stuff my face.  I decided on Fizzy Lifting Drinks because I want to fly. I always have wanted to fly.

Still working on it.



I started with the fabric. I chose this fantastic sequins for 3 reasons…it’s sparkly (duh), the little sequins look like fizz, and the color reminds me of bubbles.  Remember how in the scene and how they were surrounded by bubbles while burping to get themselves down from the ceiling?  BEST EVER.  Burp Charlie!  Shrek would be proud.


Next, I had to choose a pattern. I wanted to go CRAZY whimsical, but my daughter is SO not into that right now.  I didn’t want my pretty fabric to go to waste.   So I decided I wanted a simple shift dress that would just let the fabric do all the talking.  Since we’re exiting summer (I freaking hope), there needed to be some sort of sleeve.  I couldn’t find a pattern that was really what I wanted. I even bought a few shift dress patterns to try, but nothing really gave me what I was looking for. So I started with a sleeve that I love…and a bodice fit that I liked and went from there.  The finished product is a VERY modified and unrecognizable Allspice from Paisley Roots.  I love the very mod look this dress has and my girl loves that it’s comfy, but fancy, but casual.  She can wear it whenever she wants!



Let’s pause for a moment and watch my girl reenact Charlie’s bad decision…


The vest was made using a vintage (80’s or 90’s because apparently that’s vintage now) Kwik Sew pattern. It’s my girl’s favorite part- she says she wants to wear it every day.  Who doesn’t love a denim vest?

Vest Collage


It was a good decision to make this… BUT…What happened with Charlie’s bad decision? Oh Yeah!


DAMMIT, Charlie!

But everything turned out ok…HURRAY!!!


Yay for Bubbly, fun, happy, trendy clothes that make a 9 year old smile.  I’m super grateful for such a fun theme this week.



I can’t to see what everyone else sews along with the themes. And don’t forget to vote for your favorite official look from the contestants this week! Show your support!


Nom Nom, Y’all!


Christmas Garb: 2017

Every year I make matching outfits for my kiddos for Christmas.  Right now they enjoy it.  I know that someday, they will definitely not. I’m soaking it up before they start rolling their eyes and writing the forwards to their autobiographies that have a main focus on how their mother ruined their lives.  I think they’re cute, though, so I’ll just start saving for some therapy or chocolate or something.  But look at how adorable they are!

Let’s start with the boy.  He looks so dashing, after all.  I pretty much just made a vest and a bowtie.  He apparently LOVES bowties…even though he HATED them at Easter time.  He was insistent that he get one: non-negotiable.  I decided to make and actual tie-able bowtie instead of my normal slide on tie. I used this pattern. I would make it longer and wider next time.  It juuuuust barely fit him even though I made it even larger than the pattern calls for. He may have called it “chokey”…but he still wanted to wear it!  At a young age, he’s learning that beauty is pain.  His vest was a super easy sew and  I really love the fit.  It’s the Schoolboy Vest by Sew Much Ado. It comes with the option of real or faux welt pockets and a back tie, but I made a really simple version since my fabric was so busy.  His shirt and pants were already in his dresser, so they were REALLY simple to make ::wink::wink::
The girl’s dress turned out better than I had hoped for.  I made a version for this dress (The Nori by Paisley Roots) when I tested it in August.  My girl is very picky about what she’ll wear and she chose this pattern straight away.  She just wanted it long, so I obliged.  I just made a gathered maxi skirt instead of using the circle skirt that the pattern comes with.  It’s such a lovely dress and she told me that she felt like a princess.  WINNING!

The fabric used is by Michael Miller and it’s the Glitz confetti border in Navy. It’s actually a much deeper navy in person, but it wanted to be photographed with a blue PAPOW.  It’s gorgeous, though.  I’m so glad I had some on hand.  I bought it a few years ago.  My New Year’s Resolution for 2017 was to buy no fabric all year.  I actually only bought a total of 7 yards this year including Halloween fabrics. I think I can call that a success.  I’m glad I finally finished these.  The next 9 days are going to be a festival of crazy requiring copious amounts of spiked coffee.  The kids got to see Santa today as well (and I finished these LAST NIGHT).  So I barely met my deadline.  WHEW!  These may be my favorite Christmas outfits so far.  Can’t wait to see what next year holds!

Merry Christmas, Y’all!

Fiesta Fun Blog Tour

*This blog post was sponsored by Art Gallery Fabrics*

I am so excited to be finishing off the Art Gallery Fabrics “Fiesta Fun by Dana Willard” blog tour hosted by Paisley Roots.  It’s been super awesome seeing what everyone’s sewn up so far with this really festive line.  When Karly asked me to participate, I was SO EXCITED.  I am a huge fan of all things colorful and happy and what better to represent what I love than a line called “Fiesta Fun”?  It’s just perfect for me.  And I decided it should be for ME.
Everyone knows I love rainbows and unicorns.  And although I’m sure there are very few unicorns at fiestas around the world, I try to bring the magic with me wherever I go.  When I saw this Happy Streamers print, I knew I wanted it.   Just to make sure I was making  the right choice, I asked my husband, my best friend, and my mother-in-law which fabric THEY thought I’d choose.  They all chose this one…because apparently, I’m really that obvious.  
Art Gallery fabrics are always high-quality.  I’ve never been disappointed when I get fabric mail with their products inside.  This fabric was no different.  It’s wonderful to work with as always.  
I chose this dress pattern (Simplicity 1755) because I adore retro style. I feel oh so Jessica Day in this. The center seam was begging for me to turn a “stripe” into a “V”. It turned out just as I’d imagined it would and I think it adds a cool dimension to an already cool print.  
The fussy cutting was really important for this look and thank goodness the fabric all lined up just right.  Sometimes fabric is printed all wonky and can make me batty, but Art Gallery is on point!
It’s also super easy to accessorize!  With every color of the rainbow present, you can pick almost any coordinate and it’s gonna rock.  
And my favorite part of the dress (besides the color PAPOW)?  POCKETS!
Basically, at the end of the day, I’m saying this fabric is seriously sweet.  It works for adults, kids, dogs…whatever.  It’s awesome stuff.  There are 16 prints with something for every taste.  Happy Streamers is my fave though…obviously.
Make sure to check out all of the amazing work done during this happy tour. 

Everyone is so talented and each has a unique style, but they’ve all been able to use this line beautifully.  Check ’em all out!

Have sew much fun, y’all!!!


Crystal’s Kinda Crappy

Haha!  Made ya read!  But seriously, I’m crappy at having time to do fun stuff and blog about it.  I’m still fabulous in every other way and don’t you forget it.  I haven’t blogged at all since December and I wanted to just do a little roundup of what I’ve been up to creatively.  Mostly small projects here and there.  We had some issues with a “light” kitchen/living room remodel and 14 months later, we’re not done yet.  We could be, but the heat came before we could finish and 110+ degree temperatures are not worth working in.  Needless to say, I’ve been preoccupied trying to get that done and not cry every time I have to reach into a cupboard with no door.

So here’s the stuff I never got around to blogging in 2015 and so far in 2016:

I made myself a few fun things:

A star wars top made from an altered version of the Uptown/Downtown Women’s pattern from Sew Straight and Gather.  This just happens to be my new favorite shirt. I wear it ALL THE TIME.

A LBD from the Lady Skater Pattern by Kitschy Coo

A Patterns for Pirates Grandpa Cardi that I can’t wait to use again!

A Coraline hoddie from the Patterns for Pirates Women’s Relaxed Raglan pattern   


A cute polkadot Pumpkin Spice Dolman from Patterns for Pirates. Another shirt I wear a ton.  In fact I’m wearing it as I type this.

And finally, a pretty Desert Breeze dress from Striped Swallow Designs that was inspired by Pocahontas’s “Colors of the Wind”.  It was my first official Disneybound! I modified it to have an elastic casing underneath the bust for a more flattering fit.  I also made it a maxi because I LOVE maxis.

Yep!  I spoiled myself a wee bit….ain’t sad about it!

Here’s the stuff for my girl!

A bit of Scotland in an Uptown Downtown Girl’s dress from Sew Straight and Gather

A Very hipster modified Saffron Twirl from Paisley Roots

A Modkid Arianne dress

A few Hourglass dresses by Rabbit Rabbit for the holidays

And most recently I made her a little princess’s dream come true with a modified Town Square top from New Horizon’s patterns and some Bonny legs from Made for Mermaids.

She made out pretty well, too!

Now for my son!

A TIE! …in December…and nothing else.  Poor kid.  But if he wouldn’t ruin clothes so fast, he’d have more!  He’s a maniac, people.  Oh well, he rocked that tie!  Before he puked on it.  No seriously, he did.

I hope to be more productive these last 6 months of 2016, but promises like that just can’t be made.  I can promise Halloween costumes, though.  I kill it with Halloween costumes.  They are my happy place.

Thanks for reading y’all!!!


"It Offin"- You don’t know what that means

My title confuses you.  It should.  You are normal, don’t worry (well, maybe some of you should, but that’s a topic I don’t get paid enough to cover).  My title comes from the 2 series I am sewing along with as a butt kick to keep me sewing.  Paisley Roots is having a “Shake it Off” competition and link-up on her blog and Scientific Seamstress/ SisBoom is having a “Knock it Off” theme for their “Just for Me January” challenge in their Facebook group.  Click on my links and take advantage of the opportunity to win free stuff.  Otherwise, we can’t be friends.  If you don’t like free stuff, you’re not my people.  So here’s my look!

We’ll start with the Paisley Roots competition.  She challenged us to make SOMETHING inspired my the “Shake it Off” video by Taylor Swift using a pattern from one of the sponsors’ patterns.  She had a bad 2014 and wants to shake it off and I’m with her.  EFF YOU 2014!  Anyway, I chose the cheerleader look as my inspiration.  It’s peppy and fun and YES!  Perfect for shaking things off…like this awful cold I have.  I look like a damn fool in the following picture. I’m “dancing”.  God help us all.

Along with the color scheme, I decided to pleat my skirt to mimic the pleats in the cheer uniform and chose some colorblocking to bring it all together.  The dress pattern I used was the Angie by SisBoom– More on that below.  The cardigan was made from Simplicity 2125.  No, Simplicity is not a sponsor, but I made it anyway since cardis are more like and accessory. (Yes I definitely look sick in this picture.  And my head is exceptionally round.  I blame the tripod…it can’t argue back).

My dress is sooooo comfy.  I used interlock knit because I realized that nearly ALL of my store bought stuff is knit.  If I’m BUYING knit clothing, I should be sewing it.  The problem I faced was dealing with knit bias binding.  LORD NO. So I took the construction technique from the SisBoom Tortola and made a woven neck/arm facing to limit stretchy wonkiness and keep is nice and sturdy.  I Win!

Since this was a knock-off look, I clearly took inspiration from somewhere…here’s where:

Anyway, there you have my “It Off” looks.  PLEASE go make your own and enter them!  If for nothing else than motivation and Sew-jo creation. 


Project Run & Play Sewalong- Season 10: Week Four (Crystal)

It’s Signature Style time over at Project Run and Play, and I totally decided to go nuts and have fun with this one.  Maybe a little too much fun…almost got myself into trouble with the amount of fun.  But don’t worry, I was Saved by the Bell.  Smooth intro, Crystal.  Smoother than Mr. Belding’s Balding head.

Now, I know what you’re thinking:

“This is wilder than than one of Jessie and Slater’s fights” 
“This is sparklier than the Zack Attack blazer.”
“Holy Hot Sundae, this is bright” 

But, dude, it’s so me!

I am ALL over color and crazy.  I’m a *bit* on the theatrical side when I sew and usually tame it a smidge for the sake of your eyeballs.  But since we’re doing a signature style, I just couldn’t leave it alone.  I let it flow, and I love it more than all of the Buddy Bands in the world.  I adore seeing kids dress in fun things because you can only do it for so long before you exit “adorable” and enter “institutional.”  Kids don’t need to dress as serious as a caffeine pill addiction.

This dress looks like something Kelly Kapowski’s barbie doll would wear.  The fabrics I used were: An acid wash print cotton I found at Joann’s a year ago, some sparkle 2 way knit of doom, and the pink stuff I’ll talk more about later.  The biggest Papow is all those ruffles.  I normally don’t “do” ruffles.  They’re hell to sew when you don’t know how to use the ruffler foot you spent $35 on and when ruffling on the serger is something you just never got around to attempting.  So yeah, I hand gathered those ruffles…all of them.  Over 160″ EACH ruffle (4 of them anyway), but it was sooooooo worth it.  The pattern I used to get my ruffle measurements was the Francesca’s by Create Kids Couture.  I really do love Create Kids Couture patterns and I love the ladies in their FB group page even more.  They’re just friendly. My daughter FLIPPED over this dress.  She can’t wait to wear it to school….which brings me to the bodice.

I needed something with enough coverage for dress code (3″ strap minimum), but the Francesca’s bodice just doesn’t have that. I decided to make the bodice using the Saffron Twirl Dress by Paisley Roots for the front.  For the back, I used the Saffron back piece for the arm holes, but layered it over the back of the All Spice (same designer) and added a little extra to create a button placket to close it up.  Then I used the All Spice flutter sleeve to make the cap sleeve. The Saffron has deeper armholes than the All Spice, so I knew I’d need the width of the flutter instead of the actual cap sleeve…so confusing, but it totally worked as planned.  The fabric is amazing.  It was found at the same yard sale the My Little Pony fabric was at and then was given to me.  Most people wouldn’t have been so excited to receive this fabric, but I SQUEALED.  And it totally looks like it fits in with the Saved by the Bell opening credits.

So there you have it: Bayside Barbie. I believe Lisa Turtle would wear this to prom making Screech even screechier.  She’ll have to take a number, though, because I don’t think my daughter will ever take it off.


P.S. One child + Mommy’s Heels = HILARITY

Project Run & Play Sew Along- Season 10: Week Two (Crystal)

It’s week 2 of Project Run & Play and the theme is “Hand-me-Downs” which translates to upcycling (essentially)…which translates to FREE (nearly)…which translates to WOO HOOOOOOOOOO (totally)!  Lets jump right in, shall we?

I decided to do a boy look this week since my little guy has officially grown out of all of the hand-me-downs we inherited from the wonderful male cousins that came before him.  Since 3T clothing usually doesn’t outlive the year of use because boys turn into filthy and crazy daredevils that destroy everything, I was so sad to know I’d have to buy stuff.  The death of a cheapo.  So sad. Luckily I can upcycle and BAM!  Stylish stud

Imma gonna go ahead and start with the fancy pants he’s wearing.  For this look I used a pair of MY old pants and a GIRL pattern.  I totally reused girly things for a boy look.  I bleach dyed the jeans using the preschool method of tie dying with random rubber bands all over.  It turned out just as I had pictured and worked like magic with the Sis Boom Katie pattern.  I forgot to get a pic of the jeans before I bleached ’em…whoops!  But I got a pic before I cut them, so points for me!

The vest was ALSO a “girl” pattern.  I used the Allspice by Paisley Roots without the pintucks to make it.  I added some length to get it to be manly and decided to go reversible because it’s just cool.  The peach side has pockets (the original pockets from the fugly shirt from Grandma- she wouldn’t even wear it) and the khaki green side has some custom stitching.  For that side, I used a pair of my husband’s old torn up shorts.  Seriously, I don’t even want to know what kind of bathroom issues cause a hole THIS GIANT to form in the crotch seam.  Gonna leave that one alone. All I had to purchase for this look was a reversible separating zipper.  That’s it for the WHOLE LOOK.  YAY!

The hat pattern is from Apple + Fig. and is SO COOL.  The size ranges from baby to adult, so it’s a good use of the dinero.  I used the rest of the mystery injury shorts to make it and added a little sea turtle reverse applique with the leftover bleached denim.  My boy loves sea turtles…it wasn’t just some random “I like turtles” moment.

The shirt was made from a shirt.  So clever, I know.  But I love the fabric of this shirt and my husband didn’t like the original, so yeah.  I made it better.  I used the Flashback skinny tee from Made by Rae.  It’s so cool!  Love this pattern.  Easy and comfy and the perfect fit.

That about sums up my look!  4 pieces that can be interchanged with the rest of his wardrobe.  They’ll blend right in with his other stuff….like a dresser ninja!


Paisley Roots All Spice Week! Springtime!

From the creator of the Autumn and Winter “All spice” That’s What SHE Crafted productions brings you…. “ALL SPICE Spring”

 It has pintucks, it has zippers, it has buttons it has FLUTTERS… DUN DUN DUUUUUUUN

Now those sweet pictures weren’t very “dun dun duuuuun” worthy.  Shoot.  I thought I had a good thing going.  Well since that was a flop, here’s our wonderful pal Mae showing off her pretty springtime Allspice.


If you haven’t seen me in prior guest posts, let me introduce myself! I’m Mae and I blog at The Life Of A Compulsive Crafter. I guest post with these lovely ladies on TWSC because they’re such a fun bunch! This guest post has me excited because I really enjoyed sewing up the All-Spice dress. In fact, I made THREE of them before all was said and done! The first two are on my blog HERE and HERE if you’re interested in seeing even more All-Spice awesomeness (not to toot my own horn, but they’re pretty fun!). 

This version of the All Spice is much more classic, and features the flutter sleeves in black and white gingham, while the main fabric is a stormy black that I’ve been loving for a few months. I used snaps for the front closure so yay for ease of use and no buttonholes! This dress has such a great variety of looks- from the closures to the sleeve lengths- it’s so much fun!  

Thanks Mae!  That was so much better.   The All Spice really is fantastic for all of the seasons and I think the flutter sleeve version is our favorite.  Mae made a couple and even Viever and Crystal had flutters on their minds.


Make sure to pick up your copy of the All Spice HERE!

-The SHEs-