So Very ThankFALL!!!!

Cali Fabrics provided most of the fabrics for this post. BIG old THANK YOU to them for their generosity!

Hellooooooo Fall!!!!  I freaking love Autumn (and not just my friend by the same name).  We’re just starting to experience the yearly cool weather here.  There is nothing more magical to a desert rat like me than the cooler temps, leaves changing color (like the 3 trees in this city that do that), and the smells of people lighting up their fire places. Then we have THANKSGIVING.  Oh man, the holiday of shoveling savory foods in your mouth until you’ve felt enough regret to last until next Thanksgiving.  It’s a truly amazing time to be alive. In all seriousness, though, I love Thanksgiving as a holiday.  I’ve definitely learned to separate it from the not very accurate historic accounts of its origin.  I love what it’s turned into…a time of stopping and reflecting on all we have and who we have in our lives. It’s a beautiful thing.


Thanksgiving is celebrated in different ways all over the world.  Some places also call it “Thanksgiving” and some have their own names for it.  No matter the title we give or the day we celebrate, taking time to reflect on all we have is a nice breath of fresh air.  Now, in the U.S. we also have an abundance of Harvest festivals. I am no farmer.  I even manage to kill succulents.  It’s the truth.  But I am ALL ABOUT festivals celebrating the collection of food. Food=Good.  Harvest time is celebrated around the world.  Harvest seasons vary in their time on the calendar, but it seems like humans across this beautiful globe know how to be appreciative of food and sustenance.  In the U.S. we tend to celebrate harvest in the autumn time- again, I don’t know which crops are harvested in the Autumn exactly…but I like it.  There are always fall festivals, pumpkin patches, Autumn carnivals galore to spend way too much money on.  Couple these celebrations on abundance with Thanksgiving and it proves that the human race is a sappy bunch, no?



Now that I’ve gotten all emotional and gross, let’s move on to the looks! The boy is up first!



MY KID NEEDS TO BE COMFORTABLE.  I can not even tell you how much moving he does.  I would say 75% of the pictures I got of him were of him doing Fortnite dances that he’s learned at school. I curse those damn dances.  He’s bumped into one too many people at the grocery store doing “The Hype” and “The Orange Justice”.  If I never see another freaking Fortnite dance again, I’ll be happy. Anyhoo…..  I self drafted the base tee, but I used the Titchy Threads Rowan Tee hood to finish it off.  The Fabric is Bright Red Double Brushed Poly Spandex Knit provided by Cali Fabrics. I designed this Iron on vinyl design using Cricut Design Space and then abused my friendship perks by using my bestie’s Cricut Maker to cut it out.. Man I cracked myself up with this one.  My kids don’t fully get the joke…but they’re getting there. For the pants pattern I used a pattern from the Ottobre Winter 06/2014.  It was made for corduroy, so I graded it for knits and took out all the pockets and stuff.  I wanted him to have a simple pair of something that was comparable to leggings, but for kids that don’t like the tightness of leggings.  They’re comfy, allow for movement and are oh so cute.  The fabric is black solid knit from Riley Blake.


The cute little squirrel shirt started with McCalls 6450. I added a little acorn gathering pocket and appliqued the little nuts and squirrel on.  Then, of course, I had to be cheeky again.  I mean, squirrels have cheeks for DAYS, yo. and I’m sure Mr. Squirrel is super bummed that there’s a world full of nuts and only one of him. The fabric for this was “Butterscotch” Kona Cotton by Robert Kaufman provided by Cali Fabrics.  The Applique fabrics were from an upcycled shirt from my husband’s closet and a bit of corduroy leftover from an old project. I love raiding the closet for stuff. Makes me feel a lot less spendy.  I backed them with Wonder Under before sewing them on. Wonder Under is my JAM.


The REVERSIBLE vest started with the Thyme Vest by Paisley Roots.  I made side 1 out of that sweet Butterscotch” Kona Cotton by Robert Kaufman provided by Cali Fabrics. Side 2 was an Upcycled shirt from my husband’s closet. The shirt was old and thin and wobbly, so I had to spray bast it to some flannel for stability and warmth.  I made this already fantastic pattern into a reversible item.  It’s fun on all sides.  My kid thinks its the coolest thing ever.  He’s not wrong.  it took a bit of engineering to get it to work as a reversible vest, but it all worked out and now I’m the best mom ever.  And I saved the landfill from the mess of one more piece of cloth.  The beanie pattern was the Heidi and Finn free slouchy beanie pattern , I just fattened up the band a bit.  Totally a personal style choice.  The cozy fabric is Black and Grey Mottled Ribbed Sweater Knit provided by Cali Fabrics.

And now a photo dump of this goober because he was on his modeling GAME.


The Girl’s look

For my girl, fashion is key.  She’s a tween and is starting to care about looking “cool”.  She’s had her very critical little hand in everything I’ve made lately. I’m still getting used to this new “caring about fashion” thing.  HOWEVER, I can make her the cutest thing in the whole world, but if it lacks comfort, she ain’t wearing it.  NOPE.




The jacket was self drafted and a labor of love.  It’s simple design required the right fit and the perfect fabric. I had to do a lot of seam ripping and tailoring to get it right.  It doesn’t look like it was too complicated, but looks can be assholes…and deceiving.  I got the sequins from Amazon.  The lining was the same butterscotch solid from Cali fabrics that I used on the vest and the squirrel shirt.  The jacket is the fancy this look needs for a nice dinner, but allows her to still run around with her cousins and be a crazy kid after dinner or at any fall fun function.



The dress/tunic thing (hahahaha!) was made from the Uptown Downtown and Legends by Sew Straight Patterns.   The fabric here is also the Bright Red Double Brushed Poly Spandex Knit provided by Cali Fabrics. It’s such a pretty candy apple color that I just love for this season.  It can double as a Christmas dress too.  WINNING! The belt was hand- braided in a 4 strand braid and I used a leather buckle from Hobby Lobby to finish it off. I used trim that I’ve had in my stash for YEARS for this.  I had two strands facing wrong side up, so the braid was clear and it didn’t just look like a jumble of trim thrown together.

I finished the look off with a scarf and boot cuffs. I’d like to say that I “Self drafted” them, but…well…they’re rectangles.  I didn’t invent the rectangle or put a new spin on  the rectangle.  They’re rectangles sewn.  The fabric for these fabulous quadrilaterals is the Black and Grey Mottled Ribbed Sweater Knit provided by Cali Fabrics.


These kids were such troopers.  With a house full of sickness and the time change from hell, we had to do a few photo shoots to get this one right.  Here they are celebrating a job well done!


Happy Fall Y’all!


Halloween 2015: Crystal Part 2

My second costume of the year is for my girl!  She’s always so fun to sew for, so I couldn’t wait to hear her idea.  Then she said the last princess I wanted to make: Snow White.  Now, I love Snow White…I’m just bored by her dress.  It’s fine. It really is.  I just like a lot more fluff than that.  I couldn’t convince her of anything else, so I decided to re-work it.  When I was finished I asked her “Do you love your princess dress?” to which she replied “Uh, No.”  I could have died, but then she said “I’m a QUEEN!”  And she wouldn’t take it off…so I live to sew another day. Well, here she is, my Queen Snow White.

Like most things I make, no one pattern really did it for me. I like to combine elements to make something my own…which takes a lot of time and I end up hating myself.  Luckily, I’ve been missing my machine, so even though the changes meant added time, I enjoyed myself.  No one likes a grumpy Crystal, so everyone wins this time.
The majority of the costume came from McCalls 7212-  The underdress and overdress were both made from this.  But I made the underdress sleeveless and put the sleeves on the overdress because I thought it had a better flow and would be easier to wear.  I added the faux paned sleeve to make it look like Snow White since that was who I was supposed to be making…Uh DUH. 
The lower sleeve I made using Simplicity 4944.  I purchased a whole pattern for the sleeves.  Thank goodness Halloween is my husband’s favorite holiday, too; it validates my spending on this.  I used a pretty, soft stretch lace because I wanted a really nice drape. It looks great and is super comfy for my sensory sensitive girl.
For the collar, I used Simplicity 2817.  Yep!  I bought a pattern for the collar.  Now the original pattern had a collar, but I didn’t like it :::SIGH::: I’m like a toddler at mealtime sometimes.  I LOVED the fact that the collar was removable!  So what did I do?  I attached it anyway, because I ended up liking that better.  I HAVE ISSUES.
The accessories are just as important as the costume here…wait, no they’re not, BAHA!  I’m so funny.  But they really did finish off the costume.  I purchased the apple brooch on etsy and the black snood and flower tiara at the local renaissance fair.

Overall my daughter got the Disney character she was looking for and I got to have fun designing and creating.  WINNING!
Now all princesses Queens have to have a little fun, so here are the sillies and giggles.

Happy Halloween you guys!  I have been loving all of the costumes I’ve been seeing and reading about on people’s blogs.  This is seriously my favorite time of year.  Just remember look out for poisoned apples (even the photoshopped ones because you forgot to bring the one you bought with you).